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Contractors Accountants

Contractor Accountants Charterwells are a specialist accountant for contractors, self-employed professionals and freelancers. We have helped contractors to set up and save thousands of pounds every year.

Contractor Accountants Charterwells give you good solid tax advice and produce your accounts on time. At Charterwells Accountants for Contractors we offer online or spread sheet based bookkeeping systems tailored to your needs. We provide Free IR35 contract reviews and we’ll be glad to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a business on your own.

Tax Advice for Contractors

Leaving a permanent position to become a contractor is obliviously a challenging experience and comes with its fair share of risks. One of the main concerns of those people considering contracting is tax planning. If you used to have all issues of taxation being handled for you by your employer’s payroll department, you might find tax matters confusing.

Contractor Accountants Charterwells provides accountancy services and tax advice for contractors and freelancers all over the UK. We are specialised in giving contractors reliable tax advice. We are a solid, customer-oriented firm. Our highly motivated and passionate employers will advise you on tax planning, addressing even the most complex and specialist issues.

Our contractor-focused services include:

  • Provide tax advice for contractors and produce accounts on time
  • Offer online or spread sheet based bookkeeping systems tailored for contractors
  • Give Free IR35 contract reviews
  • Show you the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a contractor and setting up a business of your own
  • Can form your limited company and explain the process in a simple and clear way
  • Help you set up a company bank account
  • Can register your business for VAT
  • Set up your bookkeeping system, help you create your invoices

Meetings with Contractor Accountants Charterwells

We are a firm of accountants and before formally becoming our client we will arrange to meet you at any convenient location in the UK. We arrange meetings in offices in more major cities and towns all across the UK or in the comfort your office/home. You can also arrange follow up face to face meetings with us whenever it is needed.

We are IR35 experts?

IR35 is referenced in legislation that was introduced in 2000 to prevent intermediaries being used to avoid paying income tax and National Insurance. It was becoming common practice for a personal services company to be used as an intermediary between an employer and an employee. Income was then paid to the employee as dividends as opposed to wages. The Act commonly referred to as the IR35 was introduced to eliminate this loophole.

The Act analyses whether an employer/employee relationship results if the intermediary company did not exist. If the contract between the parties discusses wages and holidays, an employer/employee relationship is likely to be the final outcome. The analysis used in this Act is incredibly complex. Decisions are largely made based upon previous case law. Experienced IR35 accountants such as Charterwells, will be able to analyse if an employer/employee relationship exists and will then be able to offer further advice about how to proceed. The accountant will carry out their services for a fixed fee.

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